A little history about us

Our small establishment has been kept family owned since 2000. First known as Los Tres Hermanos, our family owned restaurant has kept true to its humble roots. With tried and true old family recipes our staff works diligently to bring an authentic Mexican flavor to your dish. All of our dishes are made from scratch and only when you order them, you can bet that none of our ingredients came out of a can.
We make everything in our kitchen and pride ourselves on being an upscale family restaurant. We also provide a catering service that far exceeds customer expectations. We create authentic Mexican dishes with  fresh ingredients and homemade recipes to deliver delicious and healthy meals.

If good food is what you like, come join our family for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our family is here to serve you.

Familia Taqueria la Taquiza

Our Horchata "rice sweet water" and Jamaica  "hibiscus sweet" Water are made fresh!!!
Customer Testimonials:

"I had to pause for a minute because my mouth is watering just talking about this place. The rice and beans were near perfection. Nothing was too salty or too dry, just delicious! I have the menu in front of me as I type and I can't wait to go back and try more of what they have!"
-Jasmin C.

"I know good Mexican when I eat it and YES, this is very, very good!  My wife and I have searched the valley high and low and have tried some very good burritos and I'm pleased to say that Taqueria La Taquiza is tops--even better than the appropriately-loved Tlaquepac's burritos."
-Adam D

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